Aha! offers new flight from Tri-Cities Airport to Reno

PASCO, Wash — Aha! started up their non-stop flights to Reno on Sunday. This is the third non-stop flight option to come to the Tri-Cities Airport since the start of the pandemic.

The flights will run on Sundays, Tuesday, and Thursdays. Aha! offers just single flights to Reno, and currently doesn’t offer connections to other destinations. Flights start at $49 for a ticket on one of their 50 passenger jets.

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The company started Aha! during the pandemic. They chose their headquarters to be Reno, Nevada, because they believed it to be an underserved community.

“And Pasco, by itself, [and] the Tri-Cities is also an extremely underserved city,” says Aha! CEO Subodh Karnik. “So it became a no brainer, that when we started designing Aha!, that our inaugural flight would be to Pasco.”

Even though Aha! itself is a new name, their parent company, Express Jets, has been around for quite some time. Karnik expresses that many have likely flown with them before; they’ve piloted more than 450 small passenger jets for Delta, United Airlines, and American Airlines for the last 35 years.

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“We’re excited to have them here and flying out of the Tri-Cities Airport for the first time,” Director of the Tri-Cities Airport Buck Taft says. “I think it shows how good our market is and how good we’ve been performing.”

The Tri-Cities Airport took a major hit to overall traffic at the start of the pandemic. Now, they’re seeing about 80% of their normal traffic. Taft says that’s above their projections for the year. They expect all air traffic to return to normal levels once business flights become more normal.

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