Air fryer malfunction burns Yakima home, leaving it uninhabitable


YAKIMA, Wash. — Two people were displaced from their home in a Wednesday night fire that was sparked by a faulty air fryer.

According to a memo issued by the Yakima Fire Department, crews were called to a residence on the 500-block of 32nd Ave around 5:00 p.m. on June 29, 2022 for reports of a smoking structure fire.

Upon arrival, the first YFD crew noticed that heavy smoke was rising from the eaves of the house on several sides of the structure. Once inside, they found the smoke was so dense that they couldn’t see anything while searching for the source of the fire.

Eventually, they were able to contain the smoke and flames—but it was too late for the house, which they deemed uninhabitable because of the extensive damage that accrued. Ultimately, 16 Yakima firefighters responded to the scene and helped suppress the flames.

YFD crews found that the source of this fire was a malfunctioning air fryer which caused heavy smoke and flames to consume parts of the structure. Between the house itself and all of the contents that were destroyed, Yakima fire officials estimate that it suffered $125,000 in damages.

Two residents of the home were displaced by the fire and received emergency help from the Red Cross. No further details regarding their status have been announced—although no one suffered any injuries as a result of this fire.


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