Allan Bros. under investigation after workers file complaint alleging unfair labor practices

Allan Bros.

NACHES, Wash. — Allan Bros. fruit packing workers have filed a complaint against the company alleging their employers have been engaging in unfair labor practices by interfering with their strike activities.

Workers have been on strike for two weeks, demanding enforceable safety measures and hazard pay during the pandemic.

In the complaint filed Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board, workers listed five separate allegations against company officials.

“They all involve the employers conduct in interfering with the workers activities in trying to organize themselves,” said Lori Isley, an attorney with Columbia Legal Services who filed the complaint on the workers’ behalf, along with Barnard, Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP.

Workers said the company has interfered, restrained and coerced employees by:

  • Interrogating workers in a coercive manner about their strike activity
  • Threatening to discipline or fire workers if they joined the strike
  • Singling out particular employees for one-on-one conversations with supervisors who promised each employee benefits to dissuade them from engaging in the strike
  • Raising wages for employees to dissuade them from engaging in the strike and to encourage those on strike to stop
  • Disciplining an employee who provided water to the strikers.

Allan Bros. officials have not responded to multiple requests for comment.

National Labor Relations Board officials have opened an investigation into the workers’ allegations.

“We anticipate this will be investigated and proceed along quite quickly,” Isley said. “They’re really hoping the company will negotiate with them and reach a resolution that protects the workers and also protects the company.”