Allergists predict this spring will bring more allergies

Ground moisture means more pollen in the air
Allergists predict this spring will bring more allergies

Doctor Stephen Smith with Northwest Integrative Medicine predicts this spring season will bring more problems for allergy sufferers than what is typical. He said the moisture in the ground this season will cause pollen producing plants to grow faster, which means more allergens in the air.

“This is probably going to be a fairly bad one, said Smith. “We’re going to have the trees growing right now and the count is high.”

Dr. Smith specializes in an allergy shot treatment called LDA, or low dose antigen, that is administred in shot form, along with an enzyme that tells the immune system to ignore the allergens. Along with LDA treatments, Smith said people can also receive immunotherapy, nasal steroids, and anti-histamines.

“The main thing is to get medicated before you get exposed because once you get all inflamed, it is pretty hard to get it under control,” said Smith.

He said that along with seasonal allergies, people should be careful to treat anaphylactic food allergies, that often require different treatments.