Amid COVID-19 resurgence, Governor Inslee asks Washington to ‘Take it Outside’


OLYMPIA, Wash. — On a sunny Thursday afternoon, Washington Governor Jay Inslee stood outside the Executive Residence to plead with Washingtonians to go take their private gatherings outside.

Throughout the nation, COVID-19 positivity rates and hospitalizations are on the rise. Despite weeks and months of progress on top of accelerated vaccination efforts, the state is on the cusp of a fourth battle with the virus. Governor Inslee noted that the state’s COVID-19 hospitalization rates, which held early in 2021, are on the rise and quickly with new coronavirus variants introduced in the United States.

The Governor acknowledged that the state has done a great job of using all of the weapons it has in its battle against the virus: Masks, social distancing, vaccines and community awareness. Next, the Governor is tasking Washingtonians to add another weapon to its virus-combatting arsenal: “Take it outside!”

“This is a simple, cost-free, extremely healthy way to go about our business in the next several weeks, and frankly, it’s imperative” Inslee proclaimed. “These numbers are going to continue to go up unless something changes in our state. The status quo means an increase in COVID in our state — That is unacceptable.”

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Inslee made note that Washington survived three major spikes in COVID-19 positivity and did an excellent job of reacting to stop the spread. This time around, Governor Inslee hopes that Washingtonians can be proactive instead of reactive — making a concerted effort to take social gatherings, events and even business (when applicable) outside.

He acknowledged that today — April 15, 2021 — all people age 16+ in Washington state are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. He asks that Washingtonians be advocates for friends and family members who aren’t showing interest in being vaccinated.

Until enough people are vaccinated to generate herd immunity, Inslee’s ask for Washingtonians is simple: Take it outside and enjoy the Summertime to prevent further community spread of COVID-19.


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