Animal Shelter Spotlight: Good boys Jack & Buddy are primed for adoption

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Before you go traveling and spending thousands of dollars to purchase your next pet, consider an animal who needs a loving home in your community! KAPP-KVEW is collaborating with local animal shelters and pet havens to showcase animals looking for their Fur-ever home.

This week, we’re featuring two dogs: Jack, a terrier mix at the Blue Mountain Humane Society (BMHS), and Buddy, a border collie/lab mix at Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue.

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Animal Shelter Spotlight: Good boys Jack & Buddy are primed for adoption

Jack is adoptable through the Blue Mountain Humane Society

Let’s start off with Jack—A fan favorite amongst staff and volunteers at BMHS; so much so that a volunteer exclaimed “How is Jack still here?! We need to do something about that!”

Jack is potty trained. He is patient with his handler and is very well-behaved on walks. He may give a few small tugs to get the party started, but while outside, he isn’t likely to pull. Jack knows how to sit and will do it in an instant if you offer him a treat. While Jack is described as big and strong, he’s also a gentle doggy who loves to snuggle up to his family’s feet with a good chew toy.

His original handlers gave him up in February 2021 due to allergies. When they dropped him off, they described him as a Jack Russell Terrier, and while he fits many of the profile traits of that breed, he’s bigger than your average Jack Russell Terrier, which is why he’s believed to be a mix.

Jack has some separation anxiety and would do best in a home without other animals. The best-case scenario for Jack would be to go into a home where people will be at home a lot. For more information on Jack and how to adopt from the Blue Mountain Humane Society, click here to visit their website.

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Animal Shelter Spotlight: Good boys Jack & Buddy are primed for adoption

Buddy is adoptable through Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue

Next up is Buddy, an adoptable puppy between nine and 10 months old who is also eligible to enter a new home as a foster doggy from Mikey’s Chance.

Buddy is a loving pup who has mastered many basic commands by this point. His retriever tendencies mean that he loves to carry things around in his mouth and is an excellent fetch partner who will bring your ball back into your hands as many times as you’re willing to throw it.

While Buddy is respectful of humans, he gets very excited around other animals—particularly cats and smaller dogs. He loves to play in the water and even has some diving skills.

Handlers from Mikey’s Chance say that Buddy would do best with a family that could meet his energy level, which is typical of Border Collies. To be at his best, Buddy needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. He is currently in boarding and would love to stay with a foster family until he finds the right forever fit for him.

If you’d like to apply to adopt or foster Buddy or explore other dogs up for adoption in the Tri-Cities region, you can visit the Mikey’s Chance website here.


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