Annual ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign reminds people to buckle up or face a fine

The annual ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign launched this week, aiming to remind drivers to buckle up.

People in vehicles caught driving without their seatbelt on will be fined $136 dollars, officials said.

According to the Washington State Transportation Commission, 22% of vehicle-deaths in the state were related to someone not wearing one.

Jen Dorsett, the manager of Target Zero Region 14, said that survival rates with a seatbelt on can increase by at least 40%.

“A lot of crashes happen within a small radius of your home, so even small short drives, being buckled up is essential for safety,” Dorsett said.

She added that children are always watching, so the community should remember to be role models for the next generation.

“We are adults, parents and mentors so we are children’s number one influence,” Dorsett said. “We need to be modeling that positive behavior for kids so that they do the right thing.”

Extra patrol officers will be checking through the month of November until the campaign ends.