Annual Fire Ops Training shows daily work of a firefighter

The training took place in Hanford.
Annual Fire Ops Training shows daily work of a firefighter

Fire Ops Training 101 is an annual event by the International Association of Firefighters that gives the public a glimpse into the daily life of firefighters. Policy makers and public officials are taken through six real-life fire training exercises to bring awareness and understanding to fire department needs throughout the state.

“The need of our services continues to increase and revenues aren’t. This allows us the opportunity to show them, while the equipment we buy is expensive, its needed,” said Dean Shelton, the 10th District Representative for the Washington state Council of Firefighters.

The exercises include fighting a fire in a burning building, using the jaws of life on a vehicle, performing search and rescue, ventilating a roof, climbing a fire truck ladder, and performing CPR while riding in an ambulance.

“I think you’ve seen the teamwork necessary to provide the services we give to the community, said Richland Fire Department Chief, Tom Huntington. “The camaraderie and pulling together and being available for people’s worst day is one of the key things that really drives me and I think most of us to this industry.”

Fire Ops Training participants included city officials, city council members, and members of the media. The training took place at the Hammer Training Facility in Hanford.