Aplets & Cotlets candy company closing after 100+ years

Liberty Orchards of Cashmere to end operations by June 2021
Aplets & Cotlets

Aplets & Cotlets candies (Courtesy: Liberty Orchards)

CASHMERE, Wash — Aplets & Cotlets candies, iconic Pacific Northwest treats that have been made and enjoyed for a century, won’t be around much longer unless a buyer comes along.

The Cashmere-based, Washington family-owned makers of Aplets & Cotlets fruit-and-nut candies and gifts say they will “close operations by June 2021” after more than 100 years in business.

Liberty Orchards Company, Inc. President Greg Taylor made the announcement this week.

The company was founded in 1920 by two Armenian immigrants, Mark Balaban and Armen Tertsagian, who bought a small apple orchard near Cashmere and used their surplus of fruit to create Aplets.

Aplets are an apple and walnut confection based on Locoum, a famous Near East candy known as Turkish Delight. Just a few years later, they introduced Cotlets, made of apricots and walnuts.

Liberty Orchards Company has been managed by three generations of family members since its founding. The founders’ legacy was carried into the second generation by John Chakirian and Richard Obadashian, who ran the business from 1956 into the 1980. Greg Taylor, the grandson of Armen Tertsagian, has served as the company’s president since then.

The company also produces Fruit Delights, Dessert Delights and Fruitlets. They most recently created a fruit-nut-seed bar called Orchard Bars for those who are gluten-free.

“The company was founded by immigrants who came to this country as refugees, filled with gratitude, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a willingness to work hard,” a release from the company stated. “The family is immensely proud to have carried forward the founders’ legacy in providing more than 100 years of the highest quality products and employment to generations of families in its community.”

Liberty Orchards Company is continuing to look for a buyer for the assets, including the brands, production equipment, factory and warehouse buildings.

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