Artist Sells Tattoo Space on Her Body

Artist Sells Tattoo Space on Her Body

CNN/KAPP-KVEW –A Los Angeles artist is offering to tattoo anyone’s name on her body for a mere $10.

Illma Gore, 22, plans to cover herself in people’s names and design ideas for her “absurd and beautiful” project.

“The first lesson I learned, when I was 3-years-old is not to draw on walls and now I do it for a living,” said Gore.

Gore is an American daughter of a one-time well known multi-million Aire Land developer in Australia who lost it all. She grew up on the gold coast, was homeless for a time as a teenager, both her parents having passed away.

“I’ve never had so many people worry about my career before in my life all my friends are like, do it, you’re going to do it anyway,” said Gore.

If you’re interested then head to and $10 buys a word or two and it doesn’t even have to be your name. Gore’s fundraising efforts hope to raise 6,000 to cover costs, that’s 60 hours with a tattoo artist, $100 per hour.

“Ya know, it’s odd. I will make people happy or make them smile, either way that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Gore hopes to have tattoos everywhere where she does not currently have one at the end of the project.