Attempted thieves cut through floor of Kennewick jewelry store, leave empty-handed

The owners of Garland’s Goldworx in Kennewick are thankful nothing was taken from their store after thieves broke in through the floor.

Around 5:25 a.m. Tuesday, two men broke into a crawlspace underneath the plaza near Clearwater Avenue and Neel Street. Using a sawzall, the owner told KAPP-KVEW they cut a small hole in the floor of their office area.

“The neighbor’s motion and sound alarm went off,” said owner Kris Garland. “He called police and they called them.”

The men cut the jewelry store’s phone line and internet. Police got there when the men were still inside. Officers called the owners to help them get inside.

Garland said when the officers shined their lights on the men, they went back into the hole and took off in a car.

“It’s just disturbing that as a business owner you have to worry about these things, and we have alarms and cameras and you know, inside and outside,” Garland explained. “What do we need to do next so this doesn’t happen again.”

Garland said they went through a drawer, but didn’t take anything. Instead, they left behind a backpack full of tools, gloves and their sawzall.

“The detectives believe that they were casing the joint, and they were here for hours and working underneath to break through,” she said.

They’ve been there for 35 years and said they were broken into a year and a half ago.

“That time they came in through the front door. It triggered the alarm right away,” she said. “They just grabbed as much as they could and ran out. They did more damage last year.”

Officers are still looking for the suspects. Garland is just thankful no one was just and nothing was taken.

“It’s a chore and something that we have to deal with when we weren’t expecting to deal with,” she said. “It’s a week before Christmas, and we have a lot to get done for our customers.”

She’s also thankful for her neighbor.

“He definitely was our hero. Thank God his motion sensor and sound sensor went off,” Garland explained.

If you have any video of the area or information about the break-in, call the Kennewick Police Department.