Attorney general who sued Obama, Trump travels Eastern Washington

Bob Ferguson is touring the state this week
Attorney general who sued Obama, Trump travels Eastern Washington




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Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is traveling Eastern Washington this week to speak with local communities.

On Tuesday, Ferguson presented to Pasco city officials and the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber, speaking on a variety of current issues.

One of the main points of interest by the crowd was President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

“It’s an unusual experience,” Ferguson said of the newfound media spotlight.

“Is there broad discretion by president to give executive orders? You bet there is,” Ferguson explained to the crowd. “Is it unreviewable? Hell no. It’s not. No more than when President Obama issued his executive order on immigration.”

The AG added though he is a democrat, he makes an effort to step back from party affiliation and personal opinion when assessing the law.

“That’s not a republican or democrat thing,” he said. “The law is the law, and our job is to defend and enforce it.”

Ferguson stressed his office’s successful lawsuit against President Trump’s first travel ban was a bipartisan effort, not motivated by party lines.

“I do remind folks, I twice sued the Obama administration. Successfully, I might add,” he said to some laughs. “If his administration is doing something that harms Washingtonians, I sued him twice. It’s the same with [President Trump]. The party of the occupant is of no relevance to me.”

Ferguson said his office is now looking ahead, as Hawaii and Maryland sue over the revised ban.

“That new executive order made significant changes, there’s no doubt about it,” Ferguson said, praising allowances for green card and visa holders, as well as many refugees banned under the previous order.

However, Ferguson maintained he and many other law officials see the revised ban as unconstitutional.

“We are a nation of laws. Everyone is accountable to it,” He said. “You’re accountable to it, I’m accountable to it. We all are. Even the president is accountable to it.”

Ferguson also discussed issues surrounding legal marijuana, sanctuary cities and Hanford worker protections.

He is headed to Yakima on Wednesday and Spokane on Thursday for similar outreach events.