Back To School: Pasco School District prepares to transport students to school

PASCO, Wash. — The Pasco School District isn’t letting a shortage of bus drivers slow them down from preparing for the start of the school year.

Pasco’s Executive Director of Operations for transportation, Steve Story, told KAPP-KVEW that the Pasco School District has 116 bus drivers to transport the nearly 11,000 students daily.

“We’ve been very creative about how we’re going to route our students and making sure that the number of bus drivers that we do have are meeting the demand that we need to deliver children on time,” Story said on Monday.

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Story told KAPP-KVEW that the first buses leave the transportation building around 5:00 a.m.

Students in the Pasco School District will return to full-time in-person learning next week:

  • Students in grades 1-6 & 9 return on Tuesday, August 31.
  • Students in grades 7-8 & 10-12 return on Wednesday September 1.
  • Students in Kindergarten and the Early Learning Center return on September 2.

Story told KAPP-KVEW that the Pasco School District will be going back to their regular start times this year.

Story says the buses will drop students off at school early in the morning.

“For secondary schools a little after 7 a.m., and elementary schools around 8:20 a.m.,” said Story.

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Story says the students will be required to follow COVID-19 protocols on the buses, including wearing a mask to and from school.

Travelers need to be aware starting Tuesday that buses will be back on the roads.

“When they see that red panel go out, make sure you’re stopping because we have children walking across sometimes,” said Story.

Story told KAPP-KVEW that the school district is always looking to add bus drivers.

If you’re interested in becoming a bus driver in the Pasco School District you can contact the school district at 509-543-6700.