Backstreet Boys surprise Down syndrome group before concert

When a group of special-needs adults in Louisville, Kentucky, made a video of themselves lip-syncing to a Backstreet Boys song, they expected friends and family would love it. But the response they got was larger than life.

Down Syndrome of Louisville, an organization serving individuals with the genetic disorder, created a music video for the 1999-smash “I Want It That Way.”

The heartwarming video became an instant hit in their community, garnering thousands of views on YouTube.

Then Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys caught wind of the video and retweeted it to all his followers, writing: “I see you guys. GREAT VIDEO!! I’m working on a way to get you to meet us.”

And that’s when things really got exciting.

The Backstreet Boys, who are currently on their “DNA World Tour,” called Down Syndrome of Louisville to ask if the lip-sync stars would like to attend their show on Friday at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville. They even offered to meet them ahead of the concert.

“There were screams, one of them actually fell on the floor,” Julie Torzewski, the group’s executive director, told CNN. “They’re uninhibited in their emotions, this is what makes them so special. They just embraced the moment, it bought them so much joy.”

Before the concert on Friday, Down Syndrome of Louisville gathered for a Backstreet Boys dance party. Singer Kevin Richardson even sent them a heartfelt video message.

“The passion, the joy, the soul that you put in that video was inspiring,”