Bark, A Rescue Pub celebrates 100 pet adoptions in just 30 days

Rescue Pub
Credit: Bark, A Rescue Pub

SPOKANE, Wash. — Bark, A Rescue Pub and the Spokane Humane Society are celebrating a great first month of business—seeing 100 adoptions in just 30 days!

The restaurant just opened on August 13, but has been a resounding success.

Patrons come in and can grab a bite to eat or some drinks, and then either before or after, they can meet with cats and dogs and take them home if they’re feeling the love!

The pub is a collaborative effort between the Humane Society and business owner Josh Wade, owner of Nectar Wine and Beer.

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The restaurant takes some of the burden off the Humane Society, caring for the animals in their kennels and cat rooms.

If you want to make that number 101, you can make a reservation through OpenTable here.

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