BBB urges people to monitor credit reports after Equifax breach

BBB urges people to monitor credit reports after Equifax breach

The Equifax data breach is one of the largest ever recorded. It exposed personal data of up to 143 million people.

The Better Business Bureau is urging people to take action by checking if they’re affected at

Kirstin Davis with the BBB said if your information was impacted by the breach, you should consider putting a freeze or a fraud alert on your credit report accounts.

A fraud alert will last for 90 days. It will tell you when people are accessing your accounts.

A freeze will make it so that no one can access your accounts without your permission.

Davis said it is very important to pay attention to your credit accounts, change passwords and constantly monitor any action because credit reporting accounts like Equifax have a lot more information about you.

“The information that may have been breached includes name, address, Social Insurance Number and, in limited cases, credit card numbers,” Equifax said in a statement last week.

The state of Massachusetts is now suing Equifax following their massive breach.

“You may not notice anything for 6 months but maybe a year from now something happens. This is a deep data breach and we live in a time now where we have to be constant at monitoring our information,” said Davis.

She said you should watch for attempts to open more accounts in your name or action on accounts you haven’t used in awhile. You can also get a free credit report at