Behind the scenes: A look at Kennewick Police Department’s Emergency Responses

Kennewick Police

We’ve all heard the blaring of police sirens on the road, but have you ever wondered what determines if they are turned on?

The Kennewick Police Department posted a behind the scenes video to their Facebook page explaining the different codes and which situations they apply to.

Code 1: A routine call for service, so any non-emergency. The police would not use sirens and they would obey all traffic laws.

Code 2: This is where an urgent response is needed but life is not necessarily in danger. For example, a traffic accident without injuries is blocking an intersection. Here, the officer would use his or her emergency equipment to go through traffic and intersections as needed.

Code 3: Here is an emergency response, where either someone is in danger or there is an imminent threat. The police would turn their emergency equipment on and respond safely and rapidly.

The KPD also reminds the community to pull over to the right whenever they see and hear a police car that has activated their emergency equipment.

You can watch the full video on the KPD’s Facebook page here.