Benton City authorities respond to peculiar auto incident

Benton Co. deputies responded to a peculiar incident involving multiple parked cars. The male suspect eventually landed on top of another parked car (Photo credit, Facebook: Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher).

BENTON CITY, Wash. — Over the weekend, Benton County police deputies responded to an unusual automobile incident.

Authorities responded to a one-vehicle incident at the 1300 block of Karen Ave. in Benton City over the weekend. It was there they discovered a large vehicle that struck multiple parked cars and landed on top of another.

It’s said that the suspect fled the scene before authorities arrived. However, deputies were said to have identified the 43-year-old male suspect rather quickly.

According to the County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the suspect didn’t sustain any injuries in the incident.

They say the man was brought into police custody and taken to a local hospital, where he was cleared.

Officials say the suspect was booked at the County jail.

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