Benton City man pleads guilty to raping young relative

Benton City man pleads guilty to raping young relative

A Benton City man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to raping a young relative over the course of several years.

Court documents said Ramos Vasquez Ayala, 60, started taking care of the victim after her mother was deported to Mexico several years ago. She said Ayala began kissing her and touching her inappropriately in 2012, when she was about 9 years old.

By the time she was 12, they started having sex. The victim said Ayala initially used a condom, then stopped. The victim told authorities he wanted to “get her pregnant so the two of them could run away together,” court documents said, adding that this worried her and made it difficult for the victim to concentrate at school.

The victim said Ayala drove a semi-truck, and he would take her into the cab to commit his crimes. He would also have the victim’s brother go to the truck and read the Bible for an hour or walk the dog so they could have sex in her room.

She said the crimes happened while his wife was at work, or while their son was at church.

He was charged with second-degree rape of a child in March 2017. He will be sentenced next month on Oct. 31.