Benton City residents question safety of new Dollar General bringing traffic to neighborhood

BENTON CITY, Wash. – Dan Deckert is a resident of Benton City and when he saw signs saying a new commercial building was coming to his neighborhood, he did his research and claims the process was happening too fast without enough notice for neighbors.

“I asked some initial questions at some people and I didn’t like the answers I got,” said Deckert, “I raised a little hob over this over not following the law and the Benton City code. I said you’re not going to just ram rod this project through, you’re going to do it legally.”

Deckert’s main concern is not what kind of store is built in the 2nd Street location near SR 225, but that it could bring more commercial traffic on residential streets because of where the entrance is intended to be built. Deckert and neighbors think the entrance should be built along SR 225 instead.

“My kids are like always on their bikes and up and down, and I don’t have a problem right now they’re down the street and they come back. I’m not out here watching them, they’re ok. But if they put a store right here, I’m going to have to be out here with them or I’m going to have to fence up something or I don’t know,” said a neighbor whose home is just across the street from where the entrance to Dollar General could to be built.

KAPP-KVEW also spoke to the mayor of Benton City who said the city is still in the planning phases and is not ready to comment on the issue. However, she says there will be more discussion on the topic at the next city council meeting.

“I hope it does get built, just as long as the driveway is moved. That’s all I’m asking. Follow the law of this municipal code and move that driveway off Second Street,” said Deckert.