Benton Co. Auditor says the race for Prosecutor ‘statistically impossible’ to flip

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. — A race we haven’t taken our eyes off of is for Benton County Prosecutor. It’s been a close standoff between candidates Ryan Lukson and Eric Eisinger since the beginning. Eisinger is currently in the lead.

The race is just more than 2,000 votes apart, with about 900 more ballots to be processed.

“With the number that remains outstanding right now in challenge status and what we might receive in the mail, there are currently no races that are likely to change the status of the current candidate that is ahead in those races,” said Brenda Chilton, Benton County Auditor.

Chilton said while her office isn’t certifying a win until Nov. 29, it’s unlikely to change.

“It’s statistically impossible at this point in time that the race would flip,” said Chilton, referring to the race for prosecutor.

She explained there were some ballots that might trickle in overseas, or military ballots. Those take longer to get to, but even then, she says it’s a low probability.

“There could be a small slim possibility that that could happen but very, very unlikely,” Chilton said.

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