Benton Co. Fire District #4 break ground for new fire station

In about a year, Benton County Fire District #4 will have a new fire station.

The walls will soon start to go up near Keene Road and Van Giesen Street in West Richland. The multi-million dollar bond was approved by voters last year. The district said they can’t wait to have a new station to serve the community.

“It will definitely save lives and reduce response times district-wide,” said District 4 Fire Chief Bill Whealan. “That’s something that we’ve been saying we needed to do for a long time since I’ve been here because we have some outlying areas that it takes quite a while for us to get to and this will help offset those response times very greatly.”

The land where station 430 will be had been previously owned by the Port of Kennewick. Two acres of land were sold for $10,000. Close to the station, Whealan said new housing developments are in the works.

“Through my career, we’ve had a number of station openings where I came from, but this is the first time that I kind of got to be front and center on it,” Whealan said. “So it’s a very exciting time for me and I’m very grateful to the community for their continued support and help move these things forward to keep our community safer.”

Station 430 is expected to be finished by December 2020.