Benton County Commissioners appoint Tom Croskrey as Sheriff

KENNEWICK, Wash. — During a special meeting of the County Commissioners on Tuesday afternoon, the Board formally motioned to appoint Tom Croskrey as the next sheriff of Benton County.

According to an alert issued by the Benton County Commissioners’ Office, the Board interviewed three proposed candidates for the role of Appointed Benton County Sheriff: Croskrey, John Hodge, and Jon Law, who is currently serving as the interim sheriff.

Each of the proposed candidates was asked the same six questions by the Commissioners. They were given an opportunity to reply to each question accordingly.

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Upon the completion of these interviews, the Commissioners entered a closed-door executive session, where they unanimously motioned and seconded to appoint Croskrey.

Formerly a Commander for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Croskrey resigned from his role on June 2, 2020 because of the workplace conditions instilled by the former sheriff, Jerry Hatcher.

When Hatcher took a leave of absence following domestic abuse allegations from his estranged wife, Croskrey assumed control of the daily operations at the Sheriff’s Office.

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Before leaving, Croskrey submitted a complaint to Benton County’s human resources manager due to what he deemed a hostile work environment.

Sheriff Hatcher was officially recalled during an August 3 election, and the County appointed Law to assume the role of Acting Sheriff—A duty he will be relieved of on October 4, when Croskrey officially becomes the Appointed Sheriff.


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