Benton County Corrections respond to viral ‘Richland Jail’ video

Benton County
Just eight days after Alexander Rios was forcable restrained by corrections officers from the Richland County Jail in Ohio, he suddenly passed away.

RICHLAND, Wash. — A viral video of corrections officers forcefully and excessively restraining an inmate has resurfaced on the internet. The incident occurred at the Richland County Jail in Mansfield, OH, but many concerned citizens are reaching out to the Benton County Corrections Department for answers.

As you may have presumed by now, these concerns are being directed toward the wrong people. The City of Richland, one of the three neighboring cities that comprise the Tri-Cities, has nothing to do with this incident.

Benton County Corrections Chief Scott Souza issued the following statement for clarification:

“We at the Benton County Corrections Department understand the concern from our community and want our constituents to understand that this incident did not take place at the Benton County Jail or under the watch of the Benton County, WA Corrections Department.

While none of our Benton County Corrections Department staff can comment on an event that took place at another facility, nor would it be professional for any staff member to submit an opinion on the event in their official capacity, we value not only those in our custody but also the people of our community.

It is for that reason the Benton County Corrections Department seeks to alleviate and clarify any concerns expressed by the members of our community and inform them of our Department’s Mission:

We will provide a safe and secure correctional environment for staff, visitors and those entrusted to our care.”

The incident that citizens are falsely attributing to Benton County was reported over a number of years by the Mansfield News Journal in Ohio.

In the viral video, 28-year-old inmate Alexander Rios is frantically engaging with corrections officers. He’s seen being forcefully subdued by a number of officers including one who put a knee in his back. Eight days after the incident occurred, Rios was pronounced dead by local authorities.

Separate investigations are underway by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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