Benton County deputies aid distressed young man found running partially naked on highway

Benton County
Image via Benton County Sheriff's Office

PROSSER, Wash. — Following reports of a partially-naked man running along a Benton County highway, deputies contacted and helped this individual in distress.

According to a social media alert from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the young man was seen jogging along WA-221 & Sellards Rd. Deputies responded to the area and spotted him. They pulled over and made contact with him, finding that he was clearly experiencing anguish.

Deputies shared that the young man told them he ran from his car after running out of gas and pulling over on the side of the road. While they did not disclose specifics, it became apparent that he was experiencing some kind of episode.

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The young man told deputies that he was on his way to a friend’s house to play video games when his friend’s home disappeared after people on the internet hacked it. He described a military operation in which people stole his clothes, leading BCSO officials to realize this was a mental health issue.

According to their social media post, the deputies provided reassurance to the young man that he was safe with them. They brought him to Prosser Memorial Hospital to be evaluated by medical healthcare professionals. Local authorities provided no further details on his condition but said he was later reunited with his family to receive the care he needed.

Benton County law enforcement commended the community members who reported the incident so they could provide the aid he needed.


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