Benton County Fairgrounds to open second dose appointments

Benton County
Photo Credit: Neil Fischer, KAPP-KVEW

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. — Officials with the Benton County Fairgrounds mass vaccination are preparing for the next steps of their operation, which include a snowy weekend and upcoming appointments for citizens’ second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to a press release issued by the Southeast Washington Interagency Incident Management Team, 986 vaccinations were administered on Thursday, February 11, 2021. With over 11,000 people vaccinated at the site as of this afternoon, the Benton County Fairgrounds is home to one of the most successful mass vaccination efforts in the state.

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However, officials at the site must prepare themselves for a handful of new challenges in the near future. First off, weather experts suggest that there will be plenty of snow during the next few days. Therefore, officials ask that anyone with a vaccination appointment for Saturday, February 13 arrive for their vaccination at the same time as their appointment tomorrow on Friday, February 12.

By doing this, public health officials can ensure that fewer drivers are on the road on Saturday when heavy snowfall is expected. Considering the majority of the people eligible for vaccinations are age 65+ or age 55+ in a multigenerational home, officials at the Benton County Fairgrounds hope to optimize their operation and ensure public safety during this snowstorm.

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Meanwhile, appointments for second doses will open up mid-day on Friday, Feb. 12. Anyone who received their first dose at the Benton County Fairgrounds must prepare for a second trip in order to successfully complete their COVID-19 vaccination.

All participants are asked to bring their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, which anyone who is vaccinated at the site should receive. Over the next few weeks, the site will focus on providing second doses to Washingtonians in Phase 1A or 1B of vaccinations who were proactive in receiving their vaccinations.

There’s no indication that additional vaccine doses will be provided to supplement people ready for their second wave of vaccinations.

To register for an appointment, you can visit the Washington DOH Prep Mod site.

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