Benton County hopes to ban marijuana shops

Benton County hopes to ban marijuana shops

WEST RICHLAND, Wash.– Benton County commissioners met to discuss the possibility of limiting marijuana shops within Benton County.

Benton County Commissioner District 2, Shon Small, said the commissioners want to limit the number of retail marijuana stores to three.

County commissioners debated whether or not to allow current shops to be replaced with new shops, should they close.

Currently, there are pot shops in Finley and Prosser, but another store in West Richland is currently in the works. Those in opposition of the store have argued that the store would be next to a preschool and church and should not be built.

“You know Benton County is doing every effort to basically reflect that shop is on a very poor location and the state really needs to come down here and take a second look,” said Small.

Small said new rules may take place within the next two weeks. If a ban is approved, new shops would not be allowed in Benton County.