Benton County releases statement on recall of Sheriff Hatcher

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Benton County

KENNEWICK Wash. — Local leaders have released a statement in reaction to the public’s overwhelming vote to recall Sheriff Jerry Hatcher. In the statement, officials confirmed that the Benton County Commissioners will name an Acting Sheriff to fill Hatcher’s position until an Appointed Sheriff is officially decided upon.

In the statement, which acknowledges that current results are only as of August 3, 2021, at 8:04 p.m., Benton County officials confirm that all ballots will be tabulated and later certified on August 17.

At that point, Sheriff Hatcher will be required to immediately vacate his office. Upon certification, authorities will appoint the Acting Sheriff from a current employee of the Sheriff’s Office.

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The Benton County Republican Party will then recommend three people to the Commissioners to be considered to fill Hatcher’s vacated position.

County Commissioners have 60 days to appoint a sheriff, who will fill the remainder of Hatcher’s term. The Appointed Sheriff will serve until the term ends in 2022. Benton County residents will have a chance to vote for their next sheriff during the General Election on November 8, 2022.

As of August 4 at 4:13 p.m., 74.73% of voters want to see Sheriff Hatcher recalled. That accounts for a total of 25,539 votes with only 8,637 voters (25.27%) electing not to recall the sheriff.


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