Benton County semi cab suspiciously caught fire off I-82 & Coffin Road

Benton County
Image via Benton County Fire District #1, FB

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Fire officials and law enforcement are investigating what they deemed to be a mysterious fire off I-82 near Coffin Rd in Benton County, where they responded to a flaming semi cab with no trailer.

According to a social media notice from Benton County Fire District No. 1, firetrucks rushed to the scene at 11:17 pm on Tuesday, September 27 for reports of a flaming vehicle off the side of the road.

By the time they arrived, the semi cab was fully involved and the fire extended roughly a quarter of an acre around it to nearby brush. They say the brush fire had already settled when they got to the scene, but the truck was still burning.

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Some of the Benton County firefighters worked on extinguishing the fire on the truck while the rest worked to contain the wildfire. To this point, the cause of the fire remains unknown, but no injuries or damage to nearby structures were reported.

Benton County fire crews also didn’t mention anyone being inside the truck or nearby at the time of the fire. Still, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene to launch an investigation since the fire was sudden and suspicious in nature, fire officials say.

All firefighters were able to clear the scene by 12:32 a.m. while investigators searched for any clues about what caused the fire and who owned the truck.


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