Benton County’s new Admin building is a one-stop shop for the public

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Benton County welcomed the public to a new, state-of-the-art building on Monday.

The 44,000 square-foot building is the new home to the county’s assessor, auditor, and treasurer’s offices. That puts licensing, recording and property needs, like taxes and assessments, all in one place.

Previously, these essential offices were located in two separate locations. The assessor was based out of the Benton County Justice Center, while the treasurer and auditor were located at the Benton County Annex about a mile and a half away.

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Most citizens don’t need to contact these offices, but for a few essential tasks, all three offices are involved. The real burden is when someone visits an office out of order, which causes confusion and frustration. With the new building, citizens will be able to save time get things done more quickly.

“We had a vision years ago to bring shared services to the citizens of Benton County; more efficiency and better services,” said Benton County Assessor Bill Spencer. “This is the taxpayers’ building. We are here to serve the taxpayers. It’s great to have them inside this beautiful building.”

But the new administration building does more—It also helps the county provide more offices for employees. Benton County Commissioner Jerome Delvin remarked that the Justice Center was quickly becoming crowded, and converted break room spaces into offices.

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The new building will also host other administrative officials and the Benton County Commissioners. On the third floor is an open room set up especially for Commissioner’s meetings.

One highlight of the whole project? It was paid for completely in cash. Over the last few years, the county has remained ‘frugal’ with its spending in order to set aside funds every year that eventually paid for this project.

The Benton County Administration Building is located at 7122 W Okanogan Place, Building E in Kennewick.


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