Benton Franklin Superior Court Judge cited for domestic violence

Benton Franklin Superior Court Judge Reprimanded

PASCO, Wash. – Benton Franklin Superior Court Judge Sam Swanberg has been cited for two counts of 4th degree domestic violence assault.

Documents obtained by KAPP KVEW recount a statement documented by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, earlier this month.

According to the report, Swanberg’s now ex-wife, came forward in January to tell them about a situation that unfolded on February 8th, 2021.

That day, she noticed new items that had been purchased by her husband and began taking pictures. She said Swanberg got mad and pushed her to the ground and then tried to drag her out of the room.

Also in the investigator’s statement, she reported a bruise from a different attack. She even had pictures from the whole incident.

The official states he tried to contact Mr. Swanberg to get his side of the story, but his calls went unanswered and unreturned.

Swanberg’s Attorney Scott Johnson said that report is only a snapshot of what happened that day.

Johnson provided us with a video and pictures, suggesting that Swanberg’s ex started it all when she confronted him at a storage unit.

“They then went back to the family home where she was continuing to want to fight leading her to dump that protein powder he then went downstairs to get away from the situation, and it was at that point she went into the room he was in and started to confront him again, when he was trying to leave she basically flopped down and blocked the door so what you see is him trying to move her from the door so he can get out,” he explained.

Now, Swanberg has been removed from his position as Administrative Presiding Judge with the Benton Franklin Superior Court.

Johnson said he hasn’t been removed completely.

The attorney adds, they were surprised by the citation.

“It appears as if the investigators only got 1/8th of the story and ran with it – they didn’t talk to my client,” he claimed.

Even a Facebook page, urging Swanberg to resign has emerged and his old election domain has turned into an effort to get him out of superior court.

“People get very brave when they’re at a keyboard and they say all kinds of things for all kinds of reason. Confident that at the end of the day there’s no way he’s going to be found guilty of this,” Johnson said.

We have reached out to Swanberg’s ex, who hasn’t responded.

This is an ongoing story, stay with KAPP KVEW for updates.

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