BFHD reports 14 new COVID-19 deaths discovered due to clerical errors

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — According to health officials there are now 29 new positive COVID-19 cases between Benton and Franklin Counties.

Benton County increased by 13 for a total of 4,780 positive COVID-19 cases; Franklin County cases increased by 16 for a total of 4,466 positive cases.

There are 14 new deaths to report due to an internal audit which showed missed reported data from mid-July to mid-Sept. Four of the deaths occurred outside of the counties, though the virus was contracted in them. Health officials say the other 10 were missed through the reporting system and apologize for the errors.

You can read their full statement here.

This brings the total to 124 community members lost in Benton County and 61 lost in Franklin County.