Jason Valentine

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“What can I say, I love my job. I love being a part of this community, and helping them plan for their day.”

Jason joined KAPP/KVEW in September of 2005. He started in the production department, but soon found his way onto TV doing his movie review segment, “View on Film.” Jason joined the Good Morning Nortwest team full time in August of 2009. He moved to the Evening News Broadcasts in September of 2016. Jason is a graduate of the University of Washington. He has worked at KIRO Radio in Seattle, and KXLY TV in Spokane. He also helped open the Experience Music Project in 2000.


More heat and clouds for your Friday, with a chance of rain late - Jason

Our Spring Preview continues into your Thursday - Jason

Fly the Northwest - Liberty Lake Fish Hatchery

More sun and heat, as the Spring preview continues Wednesday - Jason

A beautiful start to the week, with more sun and heat for your Tuesday - Jason

A more calm weekend is on the way! - Jason

Gusts up to 55mph through Friday night, with snow dumping in the mountains - Jason

Winter storm impacting eastern Washington and Oregon roads, travel, school, homes

Prepare for possible power outages, too. First Alert Weather info for Friday:

Good News Today - Sunday February 28th

Heavy winds return for your Thursday, with more snow in the mountains - Jason

Fly the Northwest - Priest Lake Cross Country Skiing

Winds will be light, with more sunshine for your Wednesday - Jason

Heavy winds continue overnight, with more warmth, wind and sun Tuesday - Jason

A windy, warm weekend is on the way! - Jason

Snow will end overnight, with sun and warmer temps Friday - Jason

More light snow for your Thursday, with inches in the mountains - Jason

Morning fog followed by sunshine for Wednesday, with light snow expected Thursday afternoon - Jason

Good News Today - Sunday February 21st

Light snow possible overnight for Yakima, Tri-Cities. 2 to 4 inches possible by Tuesday AM for foothills of the Blues - Jason

More snow Sunday night: 2-4 inches for Yakima & Tri-Cities, 4-8 inches along foothills of Blues -Jason

Overnight snow to add 2-4 inches to Yakima, Tri Cities on Saturday. 4 to 7 more inches for the Blues - Jason

Snow showers overnight, with more snow coming this weekend - Jason

Good News Today - Sunday February 14th

Snow expected Thursday morning with heavier amounts in the Blues -Jason

Snow is headed our way starting Thursday morning through the day - Jason

Fly the Northwest - Frozen Lake Coeur d' Alene

Cold temps, and possible snow on the way this week - Jason

Wind, sun and warmth for your weekend! - Jeff

Good News Today - Sunday February 7th

More sun and wind, with snow in the mountains for your Friday! - Jeff

More sunshine for your Thursday, with winds and late rain possible in the Mid-Columbia, Blues - Jason

Sun and scattered showers with warm temps holding on for your Wednesday - Jeff

A windy, occasionally wet, and warm Tuesday is ahead - Jeff

Fog and scattered showers for your weekend with warmer temps - Jeff

Good News Today - Sunday January 31st

A mild Friday is on the way with rain, and warmer temps on the way this weekend! - Jeff