Kristin Walls

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Kristin started at KAPP/KVEW in June of 2016 as Chief Meteorologist. Watch her weather reports weekdays on Good Morning Northwest from 5 to 7 a.m., or her weekly news segment called 100% Chance of Wine airing Wednesday evenings.
Kristin Walls was born in a small town in northeastern Ohio. She received her bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and her Master’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the Ohio State University. Kristin’s thesis focused on how tornadoes and derechos formed in the Ohio Valley since 1950. During Kristin’s time at OSU, she got the chance to travel down to Peru and study volume changes to the Quelccaya Ice Cap.
In 2009, Kristin started her television career at WTOV9 in Steubenville, Ohio. While at WTOV9, she covered the 4th biggest snowstorm on record in the Ohio Valley. The storm accumulated up to 20 inches of snow over a span of two days.
In 2011, she went to WHAS11 in Louisville, Kentucky. She started off as the weekend meteorologist before getting promoted to weekday evenings.  Louisville is a very active weather market where she had the chance to track many severe weather events including the EF4 Henryville, Indiana tornado.
She enjoys crossfit, running, hiking, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends.


Air Stagnation Advisory for Yakima, Kittitas Valley -Kristin

A morning shower, a bit breezy Wednesday -Kristin

Snow in the mountain passes

Late day rain showers, mountain snow Tuesday -Kristin

Morning freezing fog, wintry mix for some areas Monday -Kristin

Sunny start to weekend, rain chance late Sunday -Kristin

More sun and a bit breezy Thursday -Kristin

Dodging more rain Wednesday, a bit breezy -Kristin

Wind returns with an afternoon rain chance Tuesday -Kristin

Several more rain chances to start the week -Kristin

Wind Advisory in effect; gusts up to 50 MPH possible -Kristin

Turning cloudy, rain showers late Thursday -Kristin

Mountain snow developing

Grab your sunglasses, sunshine returns Veterans Day -Kristin

A breezy Tuesday, gusts up to 30 MPH -Kristin

Dodging a few rain showers today

Snow Alert: Travel restrictions Tuesday in mountain passes

Winter Weather Advisory in effect today

Several rain chances ahead this week -Kristin

More wet weather Friday -Kristin

Grab your umbrella, rain likely Thursday -Kristin

A breezy Wednesday with 70's returning! -Kristin

Gusts up to 30 MPH possible

Election Day rain showers possible -Kristin

Sunny Monday, rain developing Election Day -Kristin

STCU Volunteers Count - Jennifier Felicitas with Impact Compassion Center

A breezy Friday with gusts up to 40 MPH -Kristin

A beautiful Thursday with wind returning Friday -Kristin

Gusts up to 40 MPH possible

A pleasant Wednesday, 60's by the end of week -Kristin

Air Stagnation Advisory with poor air quality possible -Kristin

A nice warm-up ahead this week! -Kristin

A Winter Storm to impact the Pacific Northwest Friday -Kristin

Friday Winter Storm for the PNW -Kristin

Freeze Warning in effect Wednesday night -Kristin

Overnight lows 25 to 32 degrees

A cold blast bringing a chance for snow! -Kristin

Blowing dust Monday, big workweek temperature drop -Kristin

A Cold, Wet Winter: NOAA's Winter Outlook for the PNW

A breezy Friday with a rain chance this weekend -Kristin

A frosty start Thursday morning -Kristin

Breezy and cooler Wednesday -Kristin

Gusts up to 25 MPH possible

High Wind Warning, gusts up to 60 MPH possible -Kristin

High Wind Watch in effect Tuesday -Kristin

Gusts up to 60 MPH possible

A beautiful weekend ahead with more 80's! -Kristin

October starts off with more above average temperatures -Kristin

Back into the low 80's

Hazy sunshine with incoming high level smoke -Kristin