Black Lives Matter peaceful protest to take place in downtown Spokane this weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. — Protesters plan to peacefully gather outside Spokane’s Big Red Wagon on Sunday to show support for the black community, just days after a handcuffed black man died while in Minneapolis police custody.

Footage released shows 46-year-old George Floyd on the ground, pleading for his life, as Officer Derek Chauvin with the Minneapolis Police Department kneels on his neck.

Floyd was pronounced dead later that night and the officers involved in the arrest have since been fired, Chauvin included.

Floyd’s death has sparked outrage, prompting protests in cities nationwide.

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Organizers hope the Black Lives Matter protest in Spokane will remain peaceful.

“We only ask that this event is held as a means to mourn the deaths and injustices that have occurred, to show our support and solidarity with the black community, and to peacefully urge our community to come together to fight against racism and for justice to be served to those responsible,” said the event’s organizer in a post to Facebook.

The protest is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, right outside the Big Red Wagon in downtown Spokane.

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