“Blackformation Womxn’s Rally” held in Richland on Saturday

"Blackformation Womxn's Rally" held in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. — A small crowd gathered in John Dam Plaza Saturday afternoon to listen to multiple speakers during a “Blackformation Womxn’s Rally.”

“Blackformation” is described as “a narrative by us for us.”

A description regarding the event in a Facebook group said that “our intent is to educate ourselves without bias as it relates our political, social, and economic power!”

The event was scheduled to last four hours on Saturday and feature a number of different speakers.

There were three main categories with more than four speakers scheduled to speak in each. The topics were “Black Feminism, General Feminism, and Black Politics/Decolonization.”

The Facebook post said to “come prepared to be inspired by local womxn leaders, politicians and activist of our time, in every shade of womxn, as we address Anti-Blackness in our community and the importance of solidarity between all black and brown people and our allys.”

There were multiple signs and pictures at the event.  One sign read, “George Floyd deserved to live,” and another read “no justice no peace.”