Blind veteran reads to his sons using new technology

Scotty Smiley was blinded in Iraq while serving in the United States Military in 2005. Though he lost his ability to see, it was losing independence that made the biggest impact on his life.

Smiley has three sons with wife, Tiffany Smiley, and now is able to read with them for the first time in years. The Semper Fi Fund donated an OrCam device, which is essentially a set of eye glasses Smiley wears that work by taking a picture of a page, and then reading it out loud once he touches it.

Blind veteran reads to his sons using new technology

“It’s just constantly intellectual stimulation and that’s what I hope I can continue to teach my boys is the importance of reading and gaining knowledge day in and day out,” said Smiley.

Tiffany Smiley said it has helped her husband gain more independence, and share special bonding moments with their children.

“Our boys are wonderful and they’ve always understood that gap that Dad can’t read to us, said Tiffany Smiley. “But we can sit and listen to a book with him… but this is a whole new ball game now.”

The Smileys work as inspirational speakers and advocates for living your happiest life. Tiffany Smiley said it is the small things in life that matter, like being able to share a good book with your children.