Blue Friday

Blue Friday

No matter where you are this weekend, the 12th Man cry can be heard.

Students and staff at CWU gather to cheer on our NFC Champion Seahawks as they take on the AFC Champion New England Patriots this Sunday.

“[I’m] Hoping this weekend is a Re-Pete,” said Mike Tucker, “Something in the neighborhood of 24-17 is what I’m going to predict.”

The crowd was joined by 12th kids and 12th pups as they celebrated the last official Blue Friday of the season — even Yakima City employees joined in the rally, unofficially renaming Yakima “Hawkima” for the moment.

Supporters say Seattle isn’t the only place you’ll find ‘Hawks fans — as a matter of fact, they believe the smaller the town, the bigger the heart.

“When you live in a small community, you have a lot more connections and it just makes it really nice, we’re loud about it,” said David Douglas, “What it means to be a 12th Man is to be a part of something big; we’re not just part of the Seahawks fanbase, we’re more a part of the Pacific Northwest all coming together.”

As for the other local rallies still to come — Richland’s John Dam Plaza will be the site of an event tonight at 7 p-m.

12’s are asked to bring a blue or green glow stick to wave in the dark before fans march along George Washington Way.

There will be a rally at Sarg Hubbard Park in Yakima tomorrow morning at 10 am, and there will be two events at the Carousel of Dreams in Kennewick — a rally tomorrow at 11 and a spaghetti feed Sunday at 2 pm — cost is ten dollars for adults and five dollars for kids under twelve.