Bored in the house? Try Bored in a Box, thanks to the Richland Parks and Rec.

Box with assorted items
Richland Parks and Recreation Facebook page

To help entertain kids and their families over the weekend, the Richland Parks and Recreation paired with the Richland Police Foundation to give away 200 of what they call their “bored boxes.”

Each box contained goodies like youth rodeo tickets, stickers, crayons, and coupons to Jamba Juice and Dairy Queen.

People could come to either the 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. giveaway, but it was first-come, first-serve for each event.

Residents were able to drive up in two separate lines where they were then handed one of the bored boxes.

Lori Briere, a coordinator for the Richland Parks and Rec., said her favorite part was seeing the kid’s faces when they received the box.

“It’s a time of COVID-19 when we’re all coming together. We’re all in that same boat supporting each other,” Briere said. “This is just one way that we can give back to our community.”

This was the fourth Bored in a Box giveaway since August. To stay updated on Richland Parks and Rec. events, click here.