Boy receives special donation after bike is stolen in College Place

COLLEGE PLACE, Wash.– Adrian Reyes rides his bike with his father every night, it is an important part of his routine. Adrian, 9, has Autism, and needs to have a sense of consistency in his life. He learned to ride his bike last year, a feat he continues to be proud of.

“I started riding my bike and daddy said keep going you did it, and now I ride my bike all the time because it’s fun,” said Adrian.

His routine was interrupted, however, when his bike was stolen from the front yard. The thieves stole both his bike and his father, Isaac Reye’s bike.

His mother, Meggan Reyes, said they were shocked when they returned home from church to find the bikes were gone.

“My son was devastated,” said Meggan, “he needs that consistency every day to make him feel like his world is in place.”

Meggan took to social media, posting on Facebook to ask for help finding the bike. The response she got was more than she ever expected.

Shannon Schreindl worked with Adrian in his Kindergarten Special Education class. She saw the Facebook post and told her children what happened. Shannon was planning on giving Adrian an old bike she had sitting around, but when her kids heard what happened, they all volunteered to give the Reyes family their own, new bikes instead.

Boy receives special donation after bike is stolen in College Place

“It’s just not right to steal someone’s bike and my mom told me and I wanted to help him out,” said Zachary Schreindl.

Zachary donated his bike to Adrian while brother, Tanner, donated his to Adrian’s dad, Isaac.

“It’s Adrian, he’s a special kid and my kids, I’m just so proud of them,” said Shannon.

Adrian, excited to receive the “big boy bike,” wrote a letter to the Schreindl family, thanking them for the bikes. He said he now keeps the bikes in the garage to avoid being stolen.

“It was amazing, I can’t even describe how wonderful it was,” said Meggan Reyes.