Broadmoor RV challenges Tri-Cities businesses to fundraise for Special Olympics

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — It was an eventful weekend for the Special Olympics of Washington. Not only did they host their fall sports clinic, but they also received $85,000 in donations.

Broadmoor RV has been donating funds to local charities for years. Lately, they decided to stick with the Special Olympics of Washington.

“This is a good, solid program and it helps, really helps a lot of people,” said John Ramsey, owner of Broadmoor RV.

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When the pandemic arrived, the Special Olympics of Washington was forced to postpone in-person events. Instead, they sent out over 6,000 at-home training kits to athletes across the state.

“This year, and last year, it meant so much to us, because we were able to essentially pivot, and go virtual,” said David Wu, President of Special Olympics of Washington.

The kits included equipment like jump ropes, as well as a wellness booklet. Many of the recipients reported an increase in physical activity during the pandemic.

“Many of our programs, although we’re in one spot, we’re still getting them out and moving,” Wu said. “They’re getting exercise.”

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Special Olympics isn’t just about getting out and moving—it’s also about bringing together a community.

“I love Special Olympics!” said Delores Olsen, an athlete with Special Olympics of Washington. “It gives me the confidence I need to be successful in this world.

“Even in the community, our coaches believe in us for jobs, living on our own,” continued Olsen. “I mean, and Broadmoor RV does. They just believe in us, which we are capable of what everyone else is capable of.”

Overall, Special Olympics of Washington received $85,000 from Broadmoor RV. The funding will go towards expanding events and getting at-home training kits to the Eastern Washington community.

“Tri-City businesses, I’d like to put a challenge to them,” said Ramsey. “Come see me, see if we can raise more money, because this thing, it’s a very big deal.”

Broadmoor RV is located at 9145 St. Thomas Drive in Pasco.

If you are interested in learning more about getting involved with the Special Olympics of Washington, click here.

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