GALLERY: Richland brush fire sends plume of smoke into the air for hours

RICHLAND, Wash. — Local authorities are asking the community to remain safe and keep their distance from a brush fire raging across Richland on Wednesday afternoon.

Richland Police say that the fire is impacting visibility in the area of S.R. 240 near the Yakima River Delta, just south of I-182. Multiple lanes on S.R. 240 will be closed as officials work to clear the fire from the area.

Regional Fire and Emergency Services personnel expect to be on the scene for an extended period of time this afternoon. As a result, access to bike paths is being limited as well.

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The fire is said to have started sometime between 12:15 and 12:30 p.m. on April 28. It is reportedly engulfing brush, trees, grass and shrubbery in the area.

First responders are dealing with numerous hurdles right now including traffic on the highway, poor visibility and difficulty while navigating vegetation in the area. By clearing the area, you can help create a safer environment for the first responders attempting to extinguish the fires.

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