Burbank man passed out in stolen pickup truck, knocked an officer over to elude arrest

PASCO, Wash. — After leading police on a dangerous chase in a stolen pickup truck and then on foot, a Burbank man has been booked into the Franklin County jail for a handful of charges related to the incident.

Around 8:30 a.m. on December 28, 2021, a white GMC pickup truck was stolen from the 400-block of Newcomer St in Richland. Pasco Police say that the truck was left running while unattended, making it an easy theft for the suspect.

Attached was an enclosed trailer full of contractor tools—neither of which have been recovered by police investigators.

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However, the truck was spotted about 16 hours later at Mr. Qwik’s Gad and Goodies at 2519 W Court St. Pasco medics were called to the scene because the Burbank resident was found passed out in the driver’s seat of the running car at the gas pumps.

A Pasco police officer responded to help out and made contact with the suspect, who was immediately razzled. He allegedly shifted into drive and knocked the officer out of the way while accelerating off.

The responding officer radioed for permission to pursue the suspect, which was granted. He followed the pickup truck from Court St onto the northbound lane of Highway 395, then onto I-182 E.

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While trying to flee, the suspect slid into the median and hooked the truck onto a cable barrier, which forced the truck to rotate about 180 degrees.

The suspect hopped out of the vehicle and crossed the westbound lanes of the Interstate to climb an embankment. Responding officers cut him off and brought him into custody.

He has since been identified as Chase D. Uhling of Burbank, Washington. Uhling was booked on felony investigative holds for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Attempting to Elude. Plus, he may face misdemeanor charges for driving while under the influence, driving with a suspended license and hit-and-run.


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