Burglar breaks into home, helps himself to Frosted Flakes

Burglar breaks into home, helps himself to Frosted Flakes
WTOL, Sylvania Township PD via CNN
Gerald John Conger

An Ohio man who broke into a home early Saturday morning helped himself to a breakfast bowl of Frosted Flakes.

WTOL reports Gerald John Conger entered the home where two women were sleeping inside, and as one of the women woke up, she said she saw Conger eating a bowl of cereal in her bedroom. Conger said, “hi,” and then exited her room. The victim then went to wake up her mother, who found Conger in the kitchen. She asked him to leave and he did so peacefully–but not before taking her identification from her wallet.

Police were eventually able to identify Conger because an adult entertainment store clerk recognized him after police released his description. The clerk said he kicked Conger out for falling asleep in a viewing booth, but in the process, Conger had forgotten his wallet. Police showed the burglary victims his ID and they were able to confirm he was the man who broke into their home.

Police arrested Conger Thursday afternoon.