Burglars have hit 4 coffee shops in Yakima County in less than a week

The Celtic Cup owner estimates damage from the burglary at her business at nearly $3,000.

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — Four coffee shops in Yakima County have been burglarized in less than a week and one business owner is looking at nearly $3,000 in damage.

According to 911 call records, burglaries were called in at Lorraine’s Espresso in Wapato on the Fourth of July, Grindstone Coffee House in Terrace Heights on Thursday, The Celtic Cup in Yakima on Friday and Starbucks on South First Street on Sunday.

Some business owners were able to capture the suspects on surveillance video and are asking for the community’s help to identify them.

The Celtic Cup Yakima Burglary Suspect

Surveillance video screenshot of burglary suspect, courtesy of The Celtic Cup.

Burglar causes nearly $3,000 in damage at The Celtic Cup in Yakima

The Celtic Cup coffee shop at South 18th Street and East Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima was broken into early Friday morning. Owner Holly Ellingsworth said no employees were there when it happened and the person who broke in caused a lot of damage.

“He had broken the double-pane window, he had punched the alarm system and had moved it off the wall and then had stolen the cash that was there,” Ellingsworth said.

An employee whose shift was starting at 4 a.m. discovered the break-in and police were notified.

Ellingsworth said it only took about five minutes for the burglar to cause thousands of dollars in damage to her business, but it’s the crime itself — and watching it happen on surveillance video — that leaves her on edge.

“It kind of feels violating when you’re watching it, even though it is a business and not your home,” Ellingsworth said. “It’s still somebody violating your property.”

Ellingsworth said the one positive about the incident was that none of her employees were present during the incidents and didn’t cross the suspect’s path.

“That’s one thing I’m thankful for that none of my employees were hurt, because most of them were all family anyways,” Ellingsworth said.

Anyone with information about this incident can contact the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6200 and reference case number 22Y021557.

Grindstone Coffee House Burglary

Surveillance video screenshot of burglary suspect, courtesy of Grindstone Coffee House.

Minimal damage in burglary at Grindstone Coffee House, but owners are frustrated

The break-in at The Celtic Cup happened less than 24 hours after someone burglarized Grindstone Coffee House in Terrace Heights. Owners Shawna and Rich Hahn got a notification Thursday morning that their store alarm sounded and they jumped into action.

“I immediately came down to see what was going on,” Rich Hahn said.

Hahn said he saw the drive-thru window had been pried open, popped out and left nearby, then looked inside to see the suspect staring back at him.

“I made eye contact with him and he took off towards the back, out of my view,” Hahn said. “He jumped out the window and luckily he didn’t really get anything because we got down here so quick, right?”

Rich Hahn said one of their employees was arriving for their shift just as the burglary was occurring, but was unharmed. He said even though there was minimal damage to the window, incidents like this are still tough on a small businesses.

“Wages are going up, all your taxes are pretty high nowadays and then you got to deal with people robbing you,” . It’s frustrating, but we were lucky.”

Anyone with information about this incident can contact the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at 509-574-2500 and reference case number 22C10638.

Yakima business owners warn others to step up their security measures

The Celtic Cup and Grindstone Coffee House are still up and running, but owners said they’re tightening up security and encouraging others to do the same — including purchasing security cameras and an alarm system if they don’t have one already.

“We did some additional things to secure the window,” Hahn said. “Because he basically just pried that window right out.”

Ellingsworth said they still have an alarm system at The Celtic Cup and are making sure to take extra safety measures to keep the business and its employees as safe as possible.

“We’re a little more cautious through the night just to make sure everything’s good,” Ellingsworth said. “We’re not leaving money there — nothing anymore.”

KAPP-KVEW reached out to Lorraine’s Espresso and Starbucks, but did not receive a response Monday.

It’s unclear whether any of the burglaries are related and investigators with the Yakima Police Department and Yakima County Sheriff’s Office were unable to be reached for comment on Monday.

Ellingsworth said anyone wanting to help can come by and get a cup of coffee at The Celtic Cup or one of the other businesses that were burglarized.


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