Businesses in the Tri-Cities shake things up, but remain open

Porter's Real Barbecue
Porter's Real Barbecue

RICHLAND, Wash. — As businesses across the country close over fears of the coronavirus, some are taking a different approach.

Frost Me Sweet, Porter’s Real Barbecue, and Proof Gastropub are a few of the Tri-Cities businesses that will remain open during the pandemic. Each of which are doing something a little different. Frost Me Sweet, in Richland, has gone to curbside pickup and delivery within the Tri-Cities area.

“We have 40 employees who have families to support and as long as they’re here working then we’ll stay open for them,” said Megan Savely, the owner of the bakery and bistro.

While the shop will close its dining room, they will offer curb-side pickup and deliveries in the Tri-Cities on purchases more than $25.

Porter’s Real Barbecue announced Tuesday afternoon that they have set up a donation program for local first responders and medical personnel. For $12, they will make a lunch for local firefighters, police officers, and medical personnel. Porter’s donated 100 meals to the Richland Police and Fire departments. They remain open for walk-ins and deliveries on orders of $25 or more.

Proof Gastropub has planned to create a special menu for dinner. They will offer 10 to 12 items including burgers and salads. Although the gastropub has a wide alcohol menu, they will not be able to serve any during the closure of dining rooms. Owner Mike Miller had to close his bar across the parking lot, Power Up Arcade Bar, as well.

These businesses are just a few around the Tri-Cities that are serving the community. They are asking for the public’s support as they continue to stay open.