Cable Bridge to light up blue for human trafficking awareness

KENNEWICK, Wash. – During January, various community organizations are spreading the word Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

On Monday, January 11th, the Cable Bridge that connected Pasco to Kennewick, will light up blue at night to raise awareness.

Normally, the Support, Advocacy and Resource Center would have hundreds of walkers cross the bridge together, but this year, they’re doing things a bit differently.

“We are having people do virtual walks, so they can do it at the bridge if they like. We’re just asking that they post a picture afterwards and you the #shinethelightontrafficking and help us try to spread awareness in the community,” Desiree Reynolds with SARC said.

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On Monday, SARC provided mini flashlights to the community to ‘Shine the Light on Trafficking.’ Several organizations joined them to raise awareness like local police departments and banks.

“Bringing the community together and then also trying to get that awareness piece out there to bridge the gap for survivors to getting access to resources,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds, the Human Trafficking Program Director with SARC said the pandemic isn’t just changing their event, but also affecting victims.

“In the pandemic, you have issues where people are isolated they may not be able to access resources, they may not be able to work their regular jobs, they may not be able to seek the regular family support that they usually do,” she explained.

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Reynolds also shared some warning signs that somebody may be a trafficking victim.

“Look for changes in behavior, new clothing that they may have, purses, shoes, things you know that they can’t necessarily afford. Also look for a change in behavior, sleeping patterns, any type of physical ailments,” she said.

You can get involved with SARC by visiting their Facebook page.