California man scratches lotto tickets until he wins $750,000

California man scratches lotto tickets until he wins $750,000
California Lottery

A California man was so set on finding a winning scratch-off lottery ticket he decided he wasn’t going to leave the store until he won.

Lucky for him, it only took five tries to hit a $750,000 jackpot.

Fred Bastardo told California Lottery officials he visited El Rachero Liquor in Hanford, California, to buy a lottery ticket.

“I’m not leaving until I get a winner,” Bastardo said he told the clerk.

However, he changed his mind after losing on the first four tickets and decided the fifth attempt would be his last.

Luckily, that $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers ticket proved to be the big winner.

Bastardo and his girlfriend then decided to visit the California Lottery’s district office in Fresno to cash in his prize. Along the way, he decided to make his second big decision of the day.

He asked her to pull over to the side of the freeway to have a “serious talk” and ended up proposing right then and there, according to a news release from the California Lottery.

Bastardo told lottery officials he plans to invest the money and start a business.