Car burst into flames off I-82 exit near Badger Canyon

Badger Canyon
Image credit: Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office, Facebook

RICHLAND, Wash. — A driver luckily escaped their vehicle before it burst into flames near Badger Canyon in Benton County around 10:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, deputies met Washington State Troopers and Benton County fire crews on the night of Thursday, November 26 after reports of a vehicle fire.

Authorities say that the driver and owner of this vehicle was driving on I-82 when they began to experience mechanical issues with their car. They took the exit near Dallas Road to check their vehicle, which caught fire at the bottom of the off-ramp.

The driver of this 2000 Mercury Stable exited the vehicle and called for help. Firefighters successfully extinguished the flames before they could spread to any nearby grass or terrain.

However, the car and its contents were deemed a total loss upon evaluation from local authorities. They have reason to believe the cause of the fire was mechanical in nature as something was wrong with the car’s engine compartment.

If you were ever to drive past an incident like this one, you’re urged by Benton County deputies to be wary of emergency responders and their vehicles.

Drivers should avoid driving around emergency vehicles when they block the roadway, as this poses a danger to victims and first responders alike. This was the case as people traveling through Badger Canyon tried to find their way home. Local authorities will do their best to clear the roadway as quickly as possible.


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