Car prowls increase in Kennewick

Car prowls increase in Kennewick

Kennewick police are again warning drivers to keep cars locked and valuables out of sight following several car prowls across the city.

Mike Blatman, a crime prevention specialist with the Kennewick Police Department, said in a typical week, 50 percent of car break-ins are non-forced entry, meaning people leave their cars unlocked.

However in the past couple of weeks, this has gone up to 80 percent.

Blatman said sometimes prowlers won’t even bother to break in if the vehicle is locked, quickly moving on to the next car.

“What they do is they walk along and they check car doors and they check to see if windows are open and they take things,” he said. “When you leave it (and) lock it, we don’t want to have somebody make it so easy for somebody, that all they have (to do) is walk by and look inside the vehicle, see something is there, open the car door and walk off,” said Blatman.

He said most prowlers get away with change or meaningless items like a pair of sunglasses, but sometimes they hit the jackpot, stealing large amounts of cash, weapons, wallets and electronics.

This is a list of areas KPD provided where they are seeing an increase in car prowls:

3900 blk W 47th

2900 blk W 46th Ave

8700 blk W 2nd

700 blk S Pittsburg

8500 blk W 6th Ave

3700 blk S Sharron St

1700 blk W 30th Ave

1200 blk W 21st Ave

1600 blk S Palouse Pl

1700 blk W 31st Ave

4500 blk S Quincy Pl